The Uncommon Community: Sara Rotman

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Sometimes, the greatest hardships life throws at us end up being a blessing that changes our path for the better. And rare personal struggles become winds of change that set our sails in a total new direction.

This is the story of Sara Rotman, fashion whisperer and long-time exec of an uber successful branding agency – responsible for some of the most iconic rebrands in the global market to date. From Tory Burch to Vera Wang – Rotman was taking the fashion world by storm – when another storm changed her course forever.

“I spent 8 days in the hospital, then began my odyssey of trying to get well.”

At the height of her career in advertising, Rotman was unexpectedly hit with a massive change in her health, when long-undiagnosed Crohn’s Disease hit her with everything from renal failure to ulcers – and even a severe bout of tetanus. “I spent 8 days in the hospital, then began my odyssey of trying to get well,” says Rotman, whose first round of treatments included hugely expensive pharmaceutical measures that led to liver failure.

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That’s when Sara turned to a more holistic route, ultimately getting involved in organic farming. “As we progressed through the myriad of western medicine avenues available to us, we began researching anything that could help. We started to look at the foods that I consumed, and how to control symptoms with diet.”

Chinese herbs worked for some time, administered by a natural medicine healer that changed the course of Sara’s life. But things turned once more.”I got sick again. In desperation, my husband (who had been doing furious research on anything that may help the whole time) suggested we try Cannabis.” But the fledging industry lacked a reliable supply and regulations on pesticides and other harmful additives.

“We could, must, do better. We already had a farm. We were already growing our own food. Why not do the same with my medicine? So we decided to grow cannabis.”

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Today, Sara and her husband continue to grow medicinal cannabis at a much larger scale through Bluebird805 – the successful business she’s built around helping others going through similar health struggles.

 “It’s been illuminating, entertaining, terrifying, stressful, productive and healing. I can finally say that I am well. And we are happy.”

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