Our Guide to Bedtime Rituals


Sleep is crucial to our overall health and happiness, yet most of us don’t get enough of it. The science of sleep is clearer than ever...7-8 hours a night is key, but most of us don’t have a set bedtime let alone an evening routine. Studies have shown that taking steps to get ready for a restful night, along with a consistent bedtime, guarantee your much needed sleep.

A few thoughts from Us:

No matter what the time of year, a hot shower or bath triggers something inside us that wants to relax and cuddle up for a restful night. We suggest a quick shower to rinse off, followed by a soothing aromatherapy bath.

While our modern lives revolve around electronics, when it comes to getting shut-eye too much blue light around bedtime can inhibit your body’s natural rhythm. We recommend letting your phone sleep in another room.  And even investing in an old fashioned alarm clock so you’re not tempted. In lieu of social feeds, try reading a book as you wind down in bed.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have bedrooms without light distractions—that’s what eye masks are for!  No matter what, you’re guaranteed to shut out the world when you wear one of ours.

Many people tout meditation as a cure-all. While we can’t speak to all of its numerous benefits, we suggest that a few mindful minutes before laying down will get you off to sleep faster.


Comfortable Pajamas or Sleep Separates are a necessity to a great night’s sleep. Chose lightweight fabrics like pieces from our amazing Dreamers and Doers cotton collection for maximum breathability. Or separates from our super soft Chill with Us collection. These pieces provide cooling benefits so your body maintains a comfortable temperature the whole night through!

Top it off with a spritz of your favorite calming aroma to help create a more relaxing atmosphere. We recommend misting calming lavender on your linens.

Sweet dreams from all of Us.

WellnessJohn Bennet