How to Care for Your Lingerie


Even though you wear your favorite lingerie essentials everyday, the care and upkeep you give to them may not be as thoughtful as it is for your other wardrobe pieces.

Panties should be washed after each wear. (Of course!)

But Bras depend on a few factors, like how many bras you have in your rotation, how often you’re wearing them, for what activities, and underneath what clothing. If you have multiple bras in your rotation, it probably makes sense to wash them every other week.

We recommend keeping at least 5-6 bras in your rotation.

As Uncommon Sense grows, expands and evolves, we’ll be sharing more details about our Bra wardrobe recommendations.

Don’t wear the same bra everyday. Treat your bras like you treat yourself and give them, and their sometimes delicate fabrics, time to rest and recover.

We recommend washing your Bras and Panties (and even Swimwear) in a mesh lingerie bag. Make sure to clasp the back strap of your bras and swim tops before washing. Otherwise you run the risk of snagging your beautiful lingerie. Always use the gentle cycle with lukewarm wash, cool rinse. Always use a gentle, low enzyme detergent, and either lay flat to dry or use a drying rack.

Avoid the dryer at all costs - even at low temperatures, the dryer is not friendly to the elastics and spandex in your lingerie and swimwear.

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